Aimée Farrell Courtney joins music producer and DJ Noone for a song about solidarity. People uniting together at a time of great difficulty to help one another, Sharing in a cause greater than themselves. This is a recording sample of a speech taken in 1950. Delivered by Sean Moylan, Commandant of the Cork No. 2 Brigade of the Irish Republican Army, Giving his view on the time of the 1916 rising.

The track opens with the morse code that was created by confiscated radio equipment from the school of wireless telegraphy and sent out on Easter Sunday to let the world know that Ireland is rising. One of the Oldest radio transmissions in history, and a major turning point in Ireland’s struggle for Independence.


RTÉ Contempo Quartet present a unique project that unites the Classical music world with Irish rock and pop music from the last 30 years to the present day. The is a multi-disciplinary album featuring String quartet with bodhrán, electronics, and visual effects.

RTÉ Contempo Quartet perform new arrangements of iconic songs by U2, Kodaline, The Script, Snow Patrol, Enya, Thin Lizzy, and Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (Once) as well as new settings of older Irish airs inspired by modern artists interpretations such as Sinead O’Connor and Luke Kelly. The concert is a journey through some of the most beautiful and iconic Irish music from the past 3 decades, reimagined for the string quartet, bodhrán, and electronics.


Since joining forces in 2013, Aimée and Alex have wowed audiences with their infectious love of music and the ability to explore a new soundscape. What emerged from their first encounter is a dervish-ly new take on Irish and Balkan folk, injected with some of Arcus’ jazz stylings- the Crosswinds duo are a thrilling rhythmical tour de force.


R&B- Recorder & Bodhrán- are Laoise O’Brien and Aimee Farrell Courtney. Coming from very different musical backgrounds, the pair met at the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama in Dublin where they discovered a mutual interest in combining folk music from diverse traditions. Acknowledged as virtuosas on their respective instruments, Laoise and Aimee are exploring the further reaches, both technically and tonally, of the age-old combination of pipe and drum.


7 Musicians – 7 Countries – 7 Days. A collaborative musical journey searching the higher reaches of the Maramures region for music and culture of the people to pave a new way through improvisations and new compositions. The 7 professional musicians transposed this experience into music and seven days later they shared their local inspired music with the North-Romanian people in a concert held at the Merry Cemetery in Săpânța. Later on, they brought the project to Bucharest, performing the Maramures experience in Radio Hall  gaining popularity in the Romanian cultural scene. The recording of the concert lead to the release of their first live album called Chapter One: Maramures. The focus on this album was on traditional instruments such as ney, oud, duduk, kaval, bodhran, darbouka, and tunic. The album was highly appreciated by critics especially in the Romanian cultural scene.


Renowned bodhrán player Aimee Farrell-Courtney joins The Chatham Saxophone Quartet for a new arrangement of Ian Wilson’s 2009 work, heaven lay close… replacing the original tabla with bodhrán full of Indian-music inspired rhythm and tones.

“Ian Wilson’s heaven lay close began life as music for tabla and string quartet, but this transcription effects no less imaginative a meeting of cultures, played out over four movements which between them constitute a trajectory that is symphonic in its expressive range and formal cohesion.”
Gramophone, 2015