Private Bodhran Lessons for all levels are available and are a great way to develop your playing. If you want to improve your skills or simply want to learn in a relaxed yet focused environment one-to-one lessons will enable you to progress at a pace that is right for you.
Lesson topics cover Technique, Sticking, Musical Awareness, Tonal Control and lots more.
All classes are available through the medium of Irish or English.


Aimée has conducted specialised workshops across Ireland, Europe and America in schools such as Craiceann International Bodhrán Summer School, Bono Winter School (France) and the Dublin Institute of Technology.

Workshops are offered in a range of levels from total beginner to professional level. A methodical approach to the workshops enables pupils to develop quickly and collectively. Classes are offered through the medium of Irish and English. For more information please contact Aimée.

Music Education

During 2012 Aimée devised a music education programme for primary school level based on practical musicianship within the classroom. Centred on the teaching of Irish traditional music, the programme explores various instruments within the tradition while also taking influences from the musical environment of the students.

The programme places emphasis on fun while focusing on elements such as theory and composition through the medium of Irish and English. For more information please contact Aimée.


I am a Canadian English and Music teacher living in Berlin, Germany. I first encountered Aimee at a workshop for Irish music at the Alpha College of English, Dublin. I was thrilled with the sound of the Bodhrán and how she (and the guitarist, Joe Dunne) made sure that the dozens of pupils from Germany, Spain, Portugal and other countries got a chance to hear and make Irish music.

I then had the opportunity to have a few private lessons with Aimee, which convinced me (an absolute beginner) that I love the sound of the bodhran!
I was then able to invite Aimee (through the EU's Erasmus education Programme) to come to my school in Berlin and teach our pupils. She was only with us for two days but she made a huge impression on the children and young adults. She was wonderful. Each of the 45 minute classes was different: with the pupils she talked, sang, made music, danced and recited poetry. We all enjoyed the lessons very much! The pupils still ask me: Will Aimee come back?

We all hope that we can have the Aimee experience again! And soon!

Juliana BendandiEvangelische Schule Neukölln (Germany)

Aimee Farrell Courtney has been a valued tutor in Craobh Mhaigh Nuad CCE.

She is an exceptionally gifted musician with a deep understanding and love for her music and her instrument, which she enthusiastically shares with all who attend her classes. She is generous with her time and immerses herself 100% in everything she does.

Aimeé has a most pleasant and joyful personality, which allows her to be completely at ease with both junior and senior members of our branch. She is respected and admired as a person and as a world class musician and we are extremely grateful to her for her contribution to our branch.

Angela Tracey Secretary Craobh Mhaigh Nuad C.C.E

I had a very old bodhrán that was tired and ready to retire. I spoke to Aimee about various drums to see what would suit me best. Aimee advised me on the bodhrán with the sound I wanted to create. I got the drum that was perfect for the job and perfect for me! I'm very satisfied with it and play it all the time. Everyone always admires the drum and the sound! I'm so grateful for Aimee and her expertise.

Ben Clyne

During the first lesson I noticed how relaxed the atmosphere was amongst the group of young and old. It was always a very pleasant experience, I enjoyed coming and looked forward to it each week. As a class we were focused on our tasks and we noticed our progress each week. The experience I gained throughout Aimee's classes was invaluable. I was able to bring my new skills to my band The Moonlight Ramblers where we perform on a regular basis around the country.

Ben Clyne


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